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High Resolution Image of these Buildings?

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  • High Resolution Image of these Buildings?

    Hi everyone, i hope someone here can help me, i've been trying to find high quality images of these different castles somewhere on the forum but have had no luck, the best i've done is the thumbnails off the exclusive items page (thankyou cosmic kitten ) but apart from that i have had no luck. Sadly, when blown up to a decent scale t see the details, i can't get a good image. I know what they all are, but as i don't have any of them in my village, i can't get clear images of them. I draw different buildings from smurfs village in my free time as my cathartic activity (because smurfs = happy) and these ones are next on my list to draw. If anyone has any clear images of the whole building or even can grab a clean screenshot from their village for me, I'd be so so grateful. Thankyou!! Sorry For the long winded message
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Allura's Castle.jpg
Views:	185
Size:	22.0 KB
ID:	297781 Click image for larger version

Name:	chlorhydris' castle.jpg
Views:	127
Size:	67.9 KB
ID:	297782 Click image for larger version

Name:	Lord Balthazar's Castle.jpg
Views:	123
Size:	65.3 KB
ID:	297783 Click image for larger version

Name:	Overgrown Monster Castle.jpg
Views:	142
Size:	32.3 KB
ID:	297784 Click image for larger version

Name:	Wildy Beasts Castle.jpg
Views:	121
Size:	59.3 KB
ID:	297785

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    Kemp4819 Is this clear enough? Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_3801.jpg
Views:	135
Size:	1.22 MB
ID:	297787


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      This is the best that I can do, Kemp!

      Click image for larger version

Name:	DEFEA566-60F4-498B-8CDF-F5518DB26E51.jpg
Views:	126
Size:	603.5 KB
ID:	297789

      Click image for larger version

Name:	A8B3EAB4-085A-43B1-987A-D7FED00F204F.jpg
Views:	116
Size:	1.08 MB
ID:	297790

      Click image for larger version

Name:	FE96111C-C772-476F-A57E-C6BF465CD9BF.jpg
Views:	117
Size:	992.9 KB
ID:	297791

      Click image for larger version

Name:	6CD53AF9-EEB5-484E-B692-E27367BD1595.jpg
Views:	118
Size:	999.4 KB
ID:	297792


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        Do these help @Kemp4819?


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          Monster Plant Castle


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            ALLURA’S Castle


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              Chlorhydris Castle


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                Kemp4819 Just a note, folks making screen caps from the game is as high res as anyone can get. No one here has access to any high res artwork from Popreach or anything.


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                  Cupcake skydiver118 Chat noir cosmickitten thankyou all so much! These are perfect. I'm not gonna lie, i've got a huge (and i mean huge) collection of nearly every smurfs village building on my pc, but some of them are such poor quality. I've got clinically diagnosed OCD so as annoying as it can be, once i chuck myself into something i really get a lil bit obsessed. I swear, if there was a literal list of every single building ever added to this game I would be so happy. You guys have made my life a little bit easier (seriously, this will be so helpful). Skydiver118, yep, was aware i can't get them in HD but anything better than what i had was a bonus

                  BTW, i know i may seem like a bit of a saddo, but to get real for a moment, I have a very severe illness and have nearly died multiple times in the last 3 years. Smurfs village has been a major outlet for me to distract myself from my reality and i have found that combining my love of drawing with my love of smurfs has been a godsend for me. I'm so grateful for this community and how friendly and helpful everyone is. I lost access to my village last year and cupcake did everything they could to help me regain access after a very stressful time trying to get some help from popreach.

                  So yeah, thankyou all, i'm so lucky to be part of such a great community, long may the smurfy goodness continue!


                  • Kemp4819
                    Kemp4819 commented
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                    cosmickitten thankyou, it's a daily struggle. I have a few illnesses that have intermingled to make getting support really difficult. It makes you realise how special life is though, and i do what i can to help myself through bad days. I'll definitley be taking you up on that offer, like i said in my original post, i'm always amazed by how on the ball you are with the EO's.

                  • Cupcake
                    Cupcake commented
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                    Hey, Kemp, you are welcome and I’m glad these are useful. If you want anything in the future, just ask on this same topic and we’ll see what we can do!

                  • Kemp4819
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                    Cupcake thankyou! I really appreciate it.