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Share your advice on what new players should spend their limited amounts of Smurfberries on!

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  • Share your advice on what new players should spend their limited amounts of Smurfberries on!

    Smurfberries are hard to come by; without paying real money they are gained by levelling up, completing quests, or just being lucky (digging in the mountains, diving with Marina, or receiving gifts from Jokey or Lucky). So how should you spend them to get the best bang for your buck?!
    • Special Smurfs Several of the special smurfs have useful extras - Farmer smurf is the prime example of this. His "Plant all" and "Harvest all" functions together cost 40 smurfberries, but make farming much quicker and easier when you have a decent number of gardens. Brainy smurf and hefty smurf also help speed up your progress, while Lazy provides an extra minigame (which can help you complete your quests) and Tailor/Painter help you make your village look nice by adding a splash of colour.
    • Extra smurfs Don't buy the smurfs from the smurfberries menu, instead upgrade a mushroom hut. This way you only get charged 4 berries, not 5.
    • Extra space Expanding the village is, IMO, another great way to spend your smurfberries. All that extra space allows more room for decoration, houses and gardens.
    • Gold Don't buy gold with smurfberries. Gold is relatively easy to collect; smurfberries should be spent wisely.
    • Speeding things up Again, not worth it IMO. Patience and a bit of care with timings means you don't need to use berries to speed up buildings/crops or rescue withered crops.
    • Decorative items This is a matter of personal preference. I don't think they're worth the berries, not least because Lucky dishes out all sorts of goodies if you play his game every day. But if you really think your village would look better with a few shells or animals, then the spend might just be worth it.

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    Hey my name is Gabe and I was wondering what I should buy to help my village with 30 Smurf berries. I’m only at level 12 and got hefty because I thought he’d speed up my building time like the description said and now I’m wondering what to get next, whether it be for crops, huts, mini games etc.
    My friend code is cnqwm7 if you want to look at my village and give any advice. I heard of archaeologist and camper Smurf as good buys but do they unlock later than my level? Thanks for any help


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      Hi, Gabes, and welcome to the forum. I moved your question here as Amirsam has given good advice above about what to spend your Smurfberries on! Also, there is a wealth of information in the following topic for when you get a little further along. Common Sense Guide link:

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    Thanks a bunch!


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      Gabes smurf metropolis You are welcome!

      A helpful hint about keeping a conversation together: When you want to have a conversation with someone, just tap “Comment” right beneath the original post and tag me, or whoever replied. [You tag by typing the @ symbol and their forum name.] That way, the whole conversation stays together. Thanks!

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    I have the island and just unlocked the swoof planet a hour ago and was wondering what I should do with my 34 smurfberrys? I have archaeologist on the island and was thinking about getting marina or scuba smurf. Also I heard anteater in space was good but that was from a fairly old post I think! I appreciate any help/advice.


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      Scuba is the best for resources. Now you’ll also need to upgrade him to place and harvest dives at once.
      the space anteater is space’s version of fireman, use him to collect XP with a tap

      Marina can wait to be honest. Her game is really hard to win and you may never get your berries back.


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        Ok so what do you recommend buying? I don’t have many huts as of now at planet swoof so anteater pry wouldn’t pay off if he works like fireman smurf correct? Is scuba smurf like a mini game or more like the rafts thing where you send smurfs away for a while? I don’t have fireman smurf in my main village, maybe I should….


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          Scuba allows you to place and collect dives every 2 hours. Those dives will cost you coins but will produce resources, wood, stone, dye, XP, coins and sometimes smurfberries.

          there are a lot of tips here

          You could consider purchasing archaeologist on the planet so you can dig for things. The main thing to do on the planet is to work on the constellation book (you’ll get the quest for it) so you can clear space and get craters. You did stardust out of those craters and you will need stardust.

          If you hate to tap on all those bouncing dots of XP, then fireman is vital. You can collect all your XP in just a couple of taps.


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            I wanted to ask what I should spend my smurfberries on, currently at 68. I'm at level 12, doing the papa smurf quest that makes me upgrade a hut using hefty smurf's upgrade mechanic

            I was thinking about buying a farmer smurf's hut... but I'm really not sure. Any help / pointers / stuff to help me prepare for late game would be appreciated.



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              Welcome to the forum! I moved your comment here so that you could see all the answers.

              We are very happy to see you here on the forum, and in the future, you can use the Search function in the upper part of the forum so you can post things pertaining to that issue or find answers to your questions more quickly in an existing topic, as there are hundreds and hundreds of them! It often helps to change the search to “Relevance” rather than “Last Update”, which is how I found this relevant topic

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            I'm currently on level 17 (excited to get to the island! Never got so far from past save files). And I currently have 155 smurfberries.

            I've only bought 2 things (that cost berries):

            - Scaredy Smurf's hut
            - Wild Smurf's hut

            So the question kind of still remains: what should I spend my berries on?!!

            I'll be honest it has been literal years since I've played, so I have no clue what I should spend my smurfberries on. I'd appreciate immediate things that I should buy / plans for the late game / telling me to save, or anything really. I just want to see your guys' input, since there's tons of experts here. Thanks you guys for any help!

            - jetpack1705
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              Hi, jetpack! There is this whole topic about this. You had asked this question before, and the answers are here. Make sure you have your forum ‘notifications’ turned on so that you can see when I have moved your posts by receiving an email.

              Since you are new to the forum, you may find these tips on how to navigate it useful:
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            Oh, I didn't see this. Thanks!


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              Welcome! Another hint: If you want to answer someone on a post that they (or you) have made, you just tap “Comment” under that post and add the @ symbol in front of the person’s forum name- that way a conversation stays all together! If more than one person is in the conversation, the comments automatically appear in chronological order once posted. That is how I answered you here.