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What has kept you playing Smurfs' Village after all of this time?

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  • What has kept you playing Smurfs' Village after all of this time?

    I am currently at Level 92 . My aim is the 100th level which will give me a complimentary item. However, I am finding it tough to continue playing.

    Right now I have sufficient resources that allows me to finish a wonder within a week. Playing mini-games have gotten a little boring / repetitive. I used to play mini-games really regularly just so I can win mystery keys to open boxes. But I gave up soon as the boxes i opened kept giving the same things. So now I am left with planting crops to get XP to advance. Luckily there's been a big jump in advancing the XP levels with the new XP calculations. So I concentrate on tracker events but maybe my village has gotten too big or my eyesight's gotten really bad...its getting difficult to find clumsy, baby etc. So I spent SB to complete tracker's tasks. However during the last update, each time I log out the game, tracker would tell me my event's over before its actually over. so that really upset me.

    There also seems to be a huge reduction on videos. I used to be able to watch loads of videos in traveler's cavaran mini-game (a game i really like!) but now I can watch maybe 2 and then I either get a there's no video message or I need internet connection message. If I happen to watch videos so I can play more mini-games repeatedly without using a SB, I will end up not being able to watch the videos at traveler's caravan. Is there now a limit to the number of videos each player can watch per day? I also wasnt able to watch a video to advance to another level when my game reached 97% in the last update either.

    I remembered when I started out at the lower levels, I had to work towards a certain level before a new hut is available. I think that really motivated me to keep playing. Are there any other complimentary items that one will get when the higher levels are reached?

    Bongfish has really done well since taking over....I believe most of my requests/ suggestions have been implemented by them ( still waiting for a east-west expansion for the villages and a dive all button for the diving game at island). The updates are really good especially with all the community involvement. Love the new sheeps and castaway smurf!

    Maybe its not the game...but just me...

    Dear players, please share what keeps you playing the game.
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    Hi, I’m on level 57 and it is very interesting game. Now, my aim Is completing wonders and accumulate lots sb, so I could decorate however I want.
    I like decorating best of all, but lack of sb and some uncompleted wonders, I’m not able to decorate what I want,.


    • debbles smurf
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      If you are on android you can earn google play credit on the google opinions app and use that credit to buy inapp stuff

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    I love the game too. I have a game on my android device that is on level 80 , I have most of the wonders so just enjoy collecting smurf berries and decorating. I adore the new mega box prizes and am having great fun trying to get as many interesting huts as possible. The other day I finally got finance smurf which really made my day. I used to have him in one of the games I lost so it was great to get him back again.

    i also have a iPad game but am at a much lower level , even there I was lucky enough to get the fireworks hut yesterday.
    i love the games and as long as something new keeps occurring and bong fish are excellent at providing this I am ????


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      I love creating fun stories/scenarios for the Smurfs in my village.

      I imagine little mini-episodes of the cartoon and think of little stories when creating new areas. When we get new releases and items, I love incorporating the items into new narratives. The village changes with each season and with the holidays, and it is a challenge to keep ideas fresh. A few years back I cleared a big space in the MV to allow for total creative freedom, and this made a big difference to my enjoyment, as I don’t struggle to find space anymore. [I’ve been playing for a very long time, so I have tons of coins and resources, which allows me a lot of designing freedom.]

      I still play some of the mini-games regularly because they have a prize that I might want to accumulate. My village is a place of innocence amidst the complexities of the real world, and I enjoy visiting and chillin’ with my blue friends.

      Bongfish has done a wonderful job of fixing the game and adding cool content, so I’m here for the long run!

      Important edit!!! Yosinori’s post below reminded me that this community is one of the biggest reasons that I am still playing the game! How could I have forgotten that? Without it, I might have gotten discouraged (during the bad old Beeline days), come to a dead end and just given up. This is a social game because we have contests, we share pics, we interact with each other. It keeps the creativity and interaction going!
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      • Evanna
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        Totally agree about the community thing. It adds so much additional interest and excitement. If I wasn't on this forum, I might have given up. Well, in fact I would have because I wouldn't have known how to deal with the problems I asked about when I joined here.
        Seeing other people talk about it, share their thoughts, opinions, excitement, seeing pictures, it all helps so much with being invested in the game. If I didn't have that, I'd somewhen see there's an update and wouldn't know what it's about; my interest would last ten minutes, then I'd be bored for the next four weeks, etc.
        Having so many lovely people around is wonderful!

        Bongfish are really helping the situation too, as you said. They fixed a lot of stuff and give us contests and giveaways and teaser posts and they and Spelling Bee talk to us and help us when we have questions. Not knowing about the fixes or seeing the interaction with players would be sad.
        I'm glad to have joined this forum, am glad for its great members, and our new 'leadership'.
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      My goal is to get to max level just once


      • Dr. Six
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        I am so excited that I just got to level 134, which means I am at Max for the first time ever. I think I've been playing over 5 years if not longer...

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      i've been playing this game for about 5years and of course will keep playing as long as this game exists. for the fun of making my village, for the fun of participating this community ( i'd never imagined that i could communicate with people in the foreign countries untill i found this community???? ) and for the love for the smurfs????????????


      • asmurf
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        Yes this is a great community, so relaxing

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      This is the first video game/ mobile game I've ever played. I've been playing this since 2011, across multiple devices, and yet I always find myself coming back to it. It has beautiful graphics and fun gameplay.There is no kind of competitive aspect, so it is very relaxing. The gameplay is somehow simple, yet complicated, and I love how every hut and smurf adds to the amount of features and complexity of gameplay. Just some of the reasons I love this game!????


      • AlleycatttSmurf
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        Those are some great reasons Glow smurf! , I feel the same way.

        Welcome to the Forum!☺️☺️☺️

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      AlleycatttSmurf .Thanks!


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        This game has the original Smurfs i was happily watching as a kid(and i still am) plus the new team creates so many beautuful items to add, most of them free, there is always something new to do.


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          I love playing all the mini games, but there are 3 that i just can't get the hang of so i stop playing. Wild smurf and Clumsy Smurf. I can't seem to get caterpillar to move where i want it to. Clumsy i am not sure how to play. With Chilly smurf, i look for the blinking tap then the same one blinks again. I lose. i don't know what i am doing wrong. Any tips?


          • Cupcake
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            To me, Wild Smurf is really, really difficult. No hints there, but maybe other players have some?

            With Chilly, you have to wait for a sequence to play, and then repeat it exactly. Just remember which veggie light(s) blink, and after it says “Go”, you tap the same veggies in the same order. There is a countdown before each sequence.Every game starts out with one light, then goes on to two, three, four and five in a row. If you complete all five sequences correctly, you get a prize. The nextt level is, of course, more difficult.

            You can read about Clumsy’s game here: https://forum.smurfsvillage.popreach...pair-mini-game

            Don’t forget to do a search when you have questions about something. For instance, if you had done a search on “Clumsy” and after the search was done, changed the parameters to “Relevance”, the topic above would have come up.

          • melissa
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            Thank you. This helps a lot. Okay, i shall try that.

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          I'm not sure what year I started playing Smurfs' Village but I think at least since 2016. My children loved the Smurfs cartoon and we collected the little smurf figurines. My son told me about the game years ago. I began playing on a android fire tablet. Then I got my first IPhone and added the IOS version. I gave up the android one since I had to buy an additional tablet to update the game. When that tablet also had to be replaced to update Smurfts, I play only on IOS. My phone version was too small, even with a large screen IPhone so I got an iPad. I love playing Smurfs on that. It is so beautiful. All the decorations and EO's just make the villages magical. The thing is I redecorate sometimes and it makes things fresh-like Cupcake said. But also there are still EO goodies I want to make my villages shine so I keep playing.

          As others mentioned, I do not think I would have continues playing without this forum. Everyone is nice and helpful. I adored Miss Bee. I still miss her but others here are as nice and very helpful. The community feeling of the game through this forum makes it feel like home.


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            I agree I love and hate wild Smurfs game. I think if they had some type of arrow controls it would be not per se easier but more playable. The game in itself is fun it’s just aggravating to control the caterpillars movements on the screen. But yeah if anyone has any tricks please share!