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Not able to log on at all to SV Magical Meadow

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  • Not able to log on at all to SV Magical Meadow

    PopReach Is it just me, or are others experiencing a total inability today to log on to Smurfs and the Magical Meadow? I enter this game every day to keep it running, so if I can’t get into SV I can still get my Smurf fix!
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    Hi Chat noir did anyone respond to you on this issue? Sorry, I know this is an old post from last year. But are you able to log back in? I recently got back to playing SVMM again, to top off to max level 44. I stopped a few years ago when the max level was 41. I've also experienced not being able to log in SVMM, but found out quickly that it was because my device was older and no longer supported by the game. Getting a new device fixed that problem, but still, SVMM remains unstable and continues to have crashing issues and shuts down from time to time. It's sad to think that the last update was two years ago, but I hope the developers will give this game the attention it deserves. Now I just spend my time decorating and collecting coins and resources... because who knows when the next update will come (wishful thinking, of course)!


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      Hello! PopReach didn’t respond to me directly, but I contacted cosmickitten. who also used to play, and she sent them a note.
      The upshot was that the ability to play was restored, but there’s nothing much going on, as you say! Shame - I actually started my Smurf journey with this game, probably about 8 or 9 years ago, but lost my game twice, and converted to SV - but, having lost SV itself for a few weeks, it was nice to go back to SVMM - I always loved the work-ethic of those Smurfs, running so fast to get to the fields!
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