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[iOS] The Smurfy Cinema has stopped working in Magical Meadow as of March 26th, 2020!

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  • [iOS] The Smurfy Cinema has stopped working in Magical Meadow as of March 26th, 2020!

    The cinema has stopped working. I haven't been able to watch movies for about three days. Has it been shut down? Will PopReach update this game in the future?

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    Phil Teo
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    check your private messages guys


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      The cinema has stopped working!!! HELP!!


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        Yes Thats too bad
        ???? Smurfs greetings Schlumpfin mc smurfy


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          There are no videos to watch. It might be because of the pandemic


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            I have raised this particular issue as it also affects android. Hopefully it can be resolved in the next update for all platforms


            • Pemby
              Pemby commented
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              I am on the new update,, and see the PopReach logo on the startup screen. I am on a 2 year old Samsung Galaxy Tab A, with Android 8.1 (Oreo).

              The event items are indeed unlimited, but I see the message also on the crop page, and they are not unlimited. I haven't noticed a different look with storage in the new update, but I hadn't played this game much recently prior to seeing that a new update was out.

              I am delighted to hear PopReach still have plans for the game, and thought that if they are looking for bugs to fix then this would be a relatively easy one to fix.

            • debbles smurf
              debbles smurf commented
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              Hi Pemby

              Are you able to post photos of the issue with storage

              I do know with the smurfy items to delete you havs to press the - sign and it deletes that whole item from storage. With regards to deleting crops you have to go to the town square where the vegetable and fruit carts are to delete the items there.

            • Pemby
              Pemby commented
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              I am not sure how much they add, but here are pictures. The first shows the message I get when I tap '+' icon on the crops tab of the storage dialog. The message incorrectly states 'This storage category has unlimited storage', and you can see in the background that the '+' icon (next to the 552/700) is greyed out.

              The second image shows the 'Smurfy Items' tab, and this time the '+' icon is enabled. But it doesn't respond when you tap it.

              The bugs on this dialog aren't terribly serious: it doesn't impact on gameplay, but as a software developer myself who has designed and written many such dialogs it annoys me to see one like this with three separate issues, the incorrect message, the inconsistently enabled/disabled '+' icon, and the incorrect response/non-response when tapping that icon. If PopReach are looking for bugs to fix, this should be straightforward to fix and would please me greatly!

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            So I had a look. At first when you tap the crops category comes up and yes it is greyed out and it you tap the + sign yes that message comes up. But if you then tap each category and then go back to crops caregory the issue dissappears. Only the smurfy items category is greyed out and that message appears on the smurfy items.


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              Pemby I have raised this issue. Hopefully it will be looked at and be one of the things fixed in the next up which is due around 1-2 months


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                Pempy’s pictures above show how necessary it would be to increase the capacity of the storage. When you can only store 148 fruits, the harvest becomes a torture!