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  • Possibly "New" update?

    I'm not here to force anyone but I stopped playing this game since 2019,after a huge hope it gives to me on December 2018 was a big lie.So now,Since PopReach acquired this game,Can you update the game? I miss crafting flower,cooking with greedy,building boost by handy and so much more! In fact,If you don't mind,I want to ask if there is a plan for this underrated game? I believe it's not yet abandoned,but still my anxiety keeps on asking that sooner Smurf Village magical meadow,due to its innactive years would soon come to an end.I really enjoy both the game.I remember when Beeline add caravan smurf on smurf village for early sneak peek as well as being in a club doing many things.I want an update! Please please gave us whole new update!
    Racoon (Taylor Swift fan of Smurf Village) Mahal ko kayo sana all minamahal!

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    Before proceeding to post can you please do a search. I have previously updated players about the game as someone from popreach has been in contact. Popreach are currently working on an update which will include bug fixes. Please be patient the update is coming and will let players know on the forum when I hear something


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      Its been almost a year since last update, and that update was just some bug fixes. Is there a chance this game is ever going to get an update, as I remember Popreach said they are plannina an update for this game.

      Is there any new information about an update for this game or do we just need to accept that its a dead game?


      • Morning Sky
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        I am in the integrated club with 25 members in this game, none of whom play anymore because there have been no good updates. An update that just adds a few new levels like the last one without bringing any new content is too boring! Thus, the old ones have turned their backs on the game and it might be difficult to win them back. The game is only for newcomers until they give up because it is no longer worth investing time and money.

      • Pandemonium
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        I stopped playing becasue the game wasnt that stable before. I was max level and I lost a ton of progress. My village wasnt lost complitely but i lost a ton of progress and thats when I stopped playing as I was scared that its gonna happen again. I was waiting for them to fix bugs, and even though game should be more stable and reliable now, there is no new content for the game which is a bit sad. I hope Popreach will eventualy start bringing new updates to both of the games. 2 smurfs village games are better than one