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  • Share your thoughts about Smurfette's Magic Match!

    So what does everyone think about the game? I personally am addicted, but I get that way with all puzzle games lol. My only complaint is that I wish the game could be played in Landscape Mode too instead of just Portrait. I've made it to level 20

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    Hi beeline, I thought I would give your new game a go, and provide you with some gamer feedback, I little disappointed, I thought there would be other top beeline members willing to give the game a go and provide some input for you and greater good of the beeline brand. Just downloading now so I'll get back to you


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      Cool, this is similar to kiwi n me and snoopys sugar drop, great puzzle game, I made some progress, so for I made it to level 6, and I haven't come across any issues at all, overall a great game, nice work beeline.


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        I like the game mostly - am up to level 42 and am pretty addicted to it.

        Some of the levels are quite hard which keeps it interesting.

        My only complaint would be when you need to get the golden hammers for higher levels it is pretty impossible to get the golden hammer PLUS the building supplies for that usual level - hard I don't mind but impossible is not very encouraging. At level 40 I had to admit defeat and buy the hammer!


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          It's great, but it gets a little frustrating when all of the items you need are at the middle or bottom of the screen and the game just continuously gives you chains within the first two rows, and by the time the board shuffles itself you've got about 1 move left. I'm sure it's the luck of the draw, but it gets a little boring when you're essentially 'playing to lose' sometimes.


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            Yeah pretty addicted. I never spend any money. Been enjoying the game. Up to lv 40 now with all 3 stars. Especially spending like a day completing lv 40. And now redoing lv 40 for golden hammer (its impossible. Not possible at all!) and been playing it for 2 days. Dont want to buy hammers pls! Pls release a update and reduce the difficulty.


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              YES FINALLY i JUST got that golden hammer which took ages


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                Hi, I'm up to level 30 and I've been playing it for 3 days and cannot complete it. On the 1 time I managed to collect three piles of logs the hammer never appeared at all, by which point I was it of moves of course. It's too difficult and for me that's saying something. I'll give it a bit longer but I think the game has run it's course. It's. disappointing too that you can't earn more power ups as I don't want to buy them, I'm happy to wait to collect them over time rather than spending my money. People will get fed up of this game quickly as it gets too hard/impossible to progress.


                • suze476
                  suze476 commented
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                  Also how do you actually earn the hammer, it never shows up? On the page before you start the level it says 'earn 3 building supplies' but then when you start the level it says 'earn 4 building supplies'. For the 2nd time in 3 days I managed to collect the three log piles with no hammer in sight. What am I doing wrong!!?

                • CarolW
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                  Some of those hammer levels are pretty difficult! However, since I am at level 100, level 30 must have been acheivable somehow. From memory you have to clear the 3 piles of logs before the golden hammer appears and then, of course, you have to get it down to the bottom of the screen - pretty difficult - I think I may have used an extra 5 moves on this one?

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                I really really like this game it's so well made, i love the animation the most and the fact that u can zoom in is also a nice touch. The storyline progression makes me want to pass levels faster and get to the next scene XD
                Hope it gets way more updates and gets more popular cuz I want to uncover more areas and get to more smurfs on the map ^^