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Smurf Life iOS version 1.12.0 is live and available for download!

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  • Smurf Life iOS version 1.12.0 is live and available for download!
    What's New in Version 1.12.0

    This is a Smurfy Update Head to Toe!

    - Meet Cobbler Smurf and start crafting fun footwear and smurftastic accessories your Smurf can wear!
    - Keep your smurfy sewin’ goin’ with three new tailoring resources!
    - Master three new Tailor Smurf recipes to dress your Smurf in style
    - Keep up the sewing fun to earn stars to reach three new tailoring profession levels
    - Use your head learning to make two cute hats from Nanny Smurf!
    - Some Irritating game bugs get tossed into the scrap pile

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    I got the new update this morning with Cobbler Smurf. He will be an expensive smurf to get as I need to be at level 11 for Tailor and I am only 1/2 way thru level 8. Everything is just so expensive for Tailor and especially Nanny Smurf - just as well I have 300,000 coins! Mind you, I haven't got anything else to do as I have all recipes for Cooking, Building and Alchemy - need another update with more recipes in those professions - that's what I am desperately waiting for


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      Spelling Bee, I still can't get to Nanny Smurf! It tells me that I have found all of the smurfs for this profession. I had been hoping that this bug was fixed, because I really wanted to continue on in tailoring. It's very depressing seeing all of these new updates and not being able to join in the fun. Is there a fix coming out for this issue? (I am cross-posting this in the other thread regarding this issue).


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      I agree that the clothing profession is just so expensive. They really need to let us sell those items on the trade table.


      • Leila
        Leila commented
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        Selling clothes at the trade table would be fine.
        But Beeling already changed the trading post prices. I have to sell 5 Black ties for 650 coins. And this costs me only 400 coins.
        I never recognized this during the last version, I always paid more than I got back, so I think that this is something new.

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      My game crashes with the latest update. I can't even open it.


      • Spelling Bee
        Spelling Bee commented
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        Hello Marge. Be sure to submit a ticket to Customer Support if you have not already done so. As always, you can submit a ticket by filling out the email form located here:

      • Marge
        Marge commented
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        Powered off device and restarted. The game now opens. Thanks. Won't be submitting a ticket.

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      I've been very sporadic on the game, what with the holidays and being unable to progress further (since I am blocked from rescuing Nanny Smurf). But it occurred to me yesterday that I haven't gotten a letter from Tailor Smurf in quite awhile. I have stopped receiving those annoying letters that offer a 'sale' on clothing that isn't really a discount. It's actually very nice not to have that annoying exclamation point over the mailbox all of the time, with nothing useful to show for it. I think this happened with the last update. So thank you, Beeline, for stopping the Tailor mails. It is much appreciated! Sorry I didn't notice and comment sooner!


      • SharonS
        SharonS commented
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        Lucky you! I am still getting emails from Tailor with the new update.

      • HelenB
        HelenB commented
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        And now in the past few days I am getting mail from Tailor again.