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Smurf Life iOS version 1.15.0 is live and available for download!

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  • Smurf Life iOS version 1.15.0 is live and available for download!

    What's New in Version 1.15.0

    - Marco Smurf joins the village!
    - Earn special rewards including Trade Tokens, rare resources, or unique items by completing his quests.

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    Just received the update and went straight for Marco Smurf as I thought some interesting new quests would become available. But for a trade for 147 tokens I have to bring 29 sulfur, 11 clays and 27 quartz. My storage only has capacibilty of 70 items. Totally not a fair trade. Not happy with this update!


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      I was very excited today when I saw there was a Smurf Life update. After checking out Marco Smurf’s trades I have realized that I will never make a trade with him until there is an update fixing his offers so they are actually fair. This update is an incredible let down. For example:

      1) Marco Smurf will give me 1406 Trade Tokens for 11 Gypsum, 20 Polished Dowels, and 2 Wet Mixes. Polished Dowels sell for 103 Trade Tokens each on the Trading Table. So the 20 Polished Dowels alone are worth 2060 Trade Tokens!!! Why would I give away more than 600 Trade Tokens for absolutely nothing?

      2) Marco Smurf will give me 1 Solar Amulet Shard for 26 Four Leaf Clovers, 19 Voice Finders, and 8 Cough Syrups. This is absolutely disgusting. The cost is so completely out of proportion with the reward that I am actually offended. The game designers must think very little of our intelligence if they think that is a “fair” exchange. By my calculations I would get over 20 Solar Amulet Shards just collecting the materials needed to craft the items for this exchange! Not to mention the ridiculous amount of time it would take to craft all those high cost medical potions and how many Trade Tokens I could instead make selling those items on the Trading Table.


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        All too true - I actually did a trade with Marco Smurf this morning just to see if anything interesting happened - it didn't! I gave him 14 iron, 27 water and 10 lettuces for 225 trade tokens. I did get 2 solar amulet shards while collecting the iron and lettuces but that is all. I thought I might get some moondust or sunstones when I finished the quest - but no, I just got the 225 trade tokens. In about 2 minutes Marco will give me a new quest - I am not holding my breath for anything remotely interesting - not a good update!


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          Update - Marco has now disappeared along with the two remaining quests - looks like he will be back in 18 hours!


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            I had to collect 21 carrots, 10 almonds and 16 aluminum for something like 147 trade tokens. Boring. But then Marco wanted (get this) some iron, 4 bamboo masts and 4 baguettes for... are you ready...? 4 carrots! Um... I can get carrots for free. Seriously. Needless to say, I didn't do that quest.

            Are there any new recipes? I was able to uncover a building cloud, but didn't get a quest. I'm nervous about uncovering more clouds if I don't know there's a recipe waiting...


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              There was nothing in the update spec's about new recipes so I would assume there aren't any so don't go uncovering any more clouds!


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                I agree with the others, also how the heck are you able to complete some of these quest in the timeframe?


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                  Just saw the update this morning and thought, "well there goes my morning". It sounded so promising. But all he offered me is tokens (I have 300,000 don't need more), four leaf clovers and gypsum. So not worth it and if he really does leave that soon, I wouldn't have been able to make everything anyway. Not even close, just another board that no one uses. What a let down.


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                    Wow, Marco Smurf's trades are really as bad a deal as we are all complaining they are. Marco Smurf needs to be fixed; right now his deals are either unfair or impossible. I just got my third set of quests and once again there is not a single quest worth doing. Here they are and the problems with them:

                    1) 391 Trade Tokens for 23 Sulfur, 27 Clay, and 24 Sand. If I sold those on the Trading Table I would instead make 584 Trade Tokens. Marco Smurf's quests should be at least as good as the Trading Table! The Trading Table is always available to me. Why would I ever want to trade with Marco if he is only available some of the time and he gives me less than the Trading Table?

                    2) 4 Cinnamon for 27 Bamboo, 1 Voice Finder, and 2 Ice Cream Carts. It takes 10h 48m to craft 1 Ice Cream Cart. Since Marco Smurf only stays 6 hours and resets his quests when he returns, this quest is impossible unless you already have 2 Ice Cream Carts in your inventory! This is incredibly frustrating; no one wants to start a task that is literally impossible to complete.

                    3) 1 Solar Amulet Share for 28 Bamboo, 10 Marshmallow, and 6 Cheese Pizza. It takes 2h 42m to craft 1 Cheese Pizza. But to make a Cheese Pizza it takes 54m to make the Tomato Sauce and 43m 12s to make the Bread Dough. It takes 11m 32s to make 1 Marshmallow. But to make a Marshmallow it takes 5m 24s to make the Whipped Cream and 1m 27s to make the Corn Starch. All of these are crafted at the Bread Oven. If you add it all up it will take 28h 59m 2s to craft all of the required items. To finish these in 6 hours you have to have 5 slots open at the crafting station! Once again, this is an impossible quest to complete even if you opened up all four 4 slots at the Bread Oven by spending moondust.

                    4) 2 Sugar Beets for 20 Iron, 15 Wood, and 4 Cheese Pizza. I ran the numbers and this quest is actually doable if you have 3 slots open at your Bread Oven. However, since Sugar Beets regrow in 30 minutes and they are not a scarce resource no smurf should ever be so desperate for Sugar Beets that they need to trade 4 Cheese Pizzas for 2 Sugar Beets. Even worse, the only thing Sugar Beets are used to craft is Sugar. We have an apprentice who makes 1 Sugar in 20 minutes or 2 Sugar in 14 minutes. So feed 2 Pizzas to the apprentice and you get 4 Sugar Cubes. You have 2 Pizzas left over to sell for Trade Tokens on the Trading Table. So why would I want to make such a bad deal with Marco Smurf?

                    I am looking forward to Marco Smurf being fixed so that his quests are actually fair, possible to complete, and beneficial to my smurf. Until then I am going to continue to frown at him every time he arrives in my village and share with this thread exactly why his trades are such insulting deals.


                    • CarolW
                      CarolW commented
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                      Absolutely - I am just going to look at Marco's quests each morning and laugh - until either the quests are fixed or there is a reward at the end of a quest!

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                    Excellent post, Nerdy! I have had similar issues with all of the quests Marco has given to me.


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                      So today I got my first useful item offered by Marco: Veggie Tempura, which gives a temporary 20% bonus to lucky break. But in order to get it, I needed to make 16 bronze bricks (not a problem) and 10 gold crowns. WTH? 10 gold crowns? That's 50 gold bars, which is 25 luck potions (after mastery of gold bar)! There was no way I could make those luck potions in the time allotted, and that's not counting the time to make the crowns themselves!

                      Very disappointed... I hope this is a calculation error on the part of the Beeline programmers and that this can be fixed in the next update. Marco is a great idea, and this Veggie Tempura was a great reward to work for, but it was literally impossible to attain.


                      • Nerdy Smurf
                        Nerdy Smurf commented
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                        I just got the recipe for Veggie Tempura today and was really excited when I realized it was a recipe and not an item. Sadly, it also required so many long crafting items it would be impossible to complete the quest. I didn't even bother starting since it would take me two days to complete a quest we only have a six hour window for. I hope Spelling Bee can update us to let us know if Beeline is working on rebalancing Marco for the next update.

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                      I think Marco needs to learn a thing or two about exchange rates. Fulco


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                        I got offered Enchiladas from Marco, which temporarily reduces crafting times by 20%. But it requires 15 ceramic goblets, 15 gold necklaces, and 15 chimneys. Just crafting chimney takes longer than the 6 hour time limit. Marco is definitely broken. I hope he gets fixed in the next update.


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                          Success! Success! It finally happened!

                          Just as I was about to give up on Marco, he has an offer... not just an offer that I can reasonably complete, but one I want to complete! Yes, this morning Marco is offering me a curry recipe (60% increase in speed for a limited time) for 10 marble tiles, 19 shelves and 17 cookies! This is entirely reasonable, and easily something that could be accomplished. Each item does not take that long to make, and they're all done at different workstations. Even better, I have apprentices who make shelves and marble tiles.

                          I'm just finishing up with the cookies now. Shelves and marble tiles are already complete. So excited to get my curry recipe!

                          Now if only the other recipes would come available so easily...

                          I haven't been this excited about this game in a loooong time...


                          • SharonS
                            SharonS commented
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                            Cool! So what happened after you got the curry recipe? Does it get added to the cooking profession and can you earn stars from it?

                          • HelenB
                            HelenB commented
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                            Yes. It is available at Greedy's bench. Wow, now I'm really wishing I had been able to get that Veggie Tempura! I'm working on my first batch of curry right now, but it is an 18 hour+ recipe, so it will be awhile.

                            Curry needs 3 tomato sauce, 3 ground ginger and 1 fire potion to make.

                            If all of these 'rare' recipes were available with the same (reasonable) level of things to trade for them, it would be great!

                          • CarolW
                            CarolW commented
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                            I am so totally jealous of you - I wish Marco would offer me something good!